Friday, June 17, 2011

Strange Week...

This has been a strange week for for me. The week started off with me trying to be a good wife and take our trash too the dump.  Which I did and on the way home driving Daniel's truck one of the trash cans blew out. I turned right around (I was only 50 feet away) , and by the time I got back to the trash can that was on the side of the road a guy had pulled over and was taking it! I yelled " Hey Stop" He jumped in his truck a squealed off! If you know me you know howwwww much this fumed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was ready to fight! So I chased after the guy while calling Daniel who was at work and was right down the road.... Long story short the guy got away and Daniel and i couldn't find him after searching for 45 minutes. So to the guy in Cartersville who drives a 90's model Black single cab Ford Truck...I'm looking for you! LOL I want my can back!

 Two days later I get a phone call that my little sister is very hurt after her thumb was displaced trying to get a runner out at home...Which she did! Anyways... There are 10 years in age difference between Sydney and I. I watched my Mom give birth to her, so I feel like more like shes my child than sister. It was heart breaking to to hear her moaning in the back of the car on her way to the emergency room last night. I dropped everything and headed straight there. Sydney is one tough chick... I will have to say holding her legs down while they popped her finger back in place ranks #2 of worst moments EVER! Just shy of having to hold my own baby down while a nurse "tried to IV her". I have never heard a scream of pain like that...ugh

Lastly God has just really gave me a heavy heart.... I'm pretty sure he has different plans for Daniel and I than we had planned. I'm trying to be ok with that.( our marriage is fine's not that) This verse has been in my head all day.

Jeremiah 29:1!
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

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