Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring into Summer

I've been slack or you could say just out right lazy on writing blog posts about our life and updates on Ella. What better time to update than on a 11 hour car ride home from visiting family... I didn't start this blog for anyone to read really other than my family or just me. I still go back threw old posts and read things that have happened with Ella that I've already forgotten about. It's been a really busy 2013 for us already so far. By far the most exciting thing has been buying our new home! We've been "homeless" for the last two weeks. We moved out of our rental home stayed with my dad for a week and then went to see family in Elizabeth City for this last week. Although its been great to spend so much time with family , I'm sure you could understand we can't wait to have a house to ourselves again!  We close on it tomorrow afternoon and I'm am so excited. Ever sense we sold our first home  a year ago I have longed to own a home again!  
To add to our busyness this week is Ella's last week of Pre-K! Say what! The year has flown by, and now i understand why parents dread the school year ending. Putting Ella in Sam jones preschool was the best decision I've made as a parent. 
Here are some pictures of Ella with her sweet cousins this last week. She loves them so much she hasn't  stop talking about them sense we left 7 hours ago...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flu...Christmas...New Year...Birthday...Pneumonia

To say that the last 2 months have been CRAZY would be a understatement! A few days before Christmas Ella and Daniel both came down with the Flu ( horrible). Then we had a wonderful Christmas. Sadly Daniel had to work again this year, which makes 7 years in a row that hes worked Christmas day. 2 Weeks after Christmas Ella girl turned 3!!!! I still tell people that shes 2 when they ask. I just cant get used to the fact that I have a 3 year old!!!! Ella's birthday party was a blast though, I have to say it was my favorite one in three years. Something about this age where they actually know whats going on makes it so much more exciting!!! Finally this last week Ella was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Ella's had EVERYTHING in her three years of life from the flu to hand foot mouth disease. Pneumonia by far takes the prize for the worst.... Ella literally screamed for 2 days with horrible stomach pains from retraction breathing. None of us slept for those two day either. (Just another moment reminding me why I don't want more than one child). I have to say that I had my scariest moment as a parent too watching my child fight to breath, there is NOTHING scarier than that! After tow huge shots of a antibiotic and a week of rest Ella finally mad a turn around, and things are staring to get back to normal around here. PTL. Her are some pictures of our last 6 weeks of pure craziness!