Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy's Girl

These days Ella is keeping Daniel and Me very busy... She is one big ball on energy. She wants to walk so bad, she can hardly stand it. She gets very frustrated with herself that she can't just take off and run. I think that she thinks she's a 2 year old trapped in a 7 month olds body. She's also becoming a Daddy’s girl BIG TIME. She will hear Daniel down in our garage taking off his boots, and get all excited because she knows Daddy is home. She's in love with him, I told Daniel he needed to be prepared for the day that she’s going to want to know why he can't marry her like all little girls want to marry there Dad’s. I love to see them together. There is nothing that can make your hubby more attractive then to see him loving all over the baby you made together.

We took Ella to a hotel in Atlanta recently for a little one night get away. Thank goodness we didn’t go far. She absolutely hated sleeping in a pack in play in the hotel room. So after only 5 hours of being there we had to return home. She did really enjoy swimming in the pool though, that was the main reason that we went. Here are some pictures from our 5 hour vacation!

Family Picture



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where does time go?

Where does time go…Seriously? I’m getting old and I don’t like it. It seems like just the other day I went out on a blind date with Danny, that was over 6 years ago! WHAT! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. When I met Daniel he was 21 and I was 17….Haha still can’t believe my parents even let me date him. (I’m sure glad they did though.) I wasn’t even a senior in high school. I dare Ella to bring a 21 year old home when she is a junior in high school. I can tell you right now the answer to that will be “NO!”.

It’s so funny, all the years Daniel and I were together before we had Ella we were 100% sure that we would NEVER have kids. … Then along comes Ella. Now Daniel and I go out on date nights alone, and pretty much all we can talk about is ELLA, when we are all together all we can do is constantly stare at her and be entranced by every little thing that she does.

We were having a conversation last night laughing about what we were doing this time last year…., and how much our life together has changed in just a few short months.

This time last year Daniel worked nights, and I’m pretty sure that every night we were not in bed before 2 o’clock in the morning. Now a day as soon as 9:00 hits were sitting on the couch looking at each other just waiting on the other one to say first “ready for bed..?” LOL Last year we would do anything to stay out of the house, now if we get to spend all day at home and relax that is A GOOD DAY! It’s so funny when you have a baby how they completely change what you find important in life. Daniel and I basically maul each other to be the first one to get Ella out of her crib in the morning. (It’s our favorite time). Who can blame us look at this face, and the drool…..


Sunday, August 8, 2010

7 Months Already....

Today Ella is 7 months old. I truly cannot believe it has been 7 months sense we welcomed our little girl in to the world. She has truly blessed Daniel and me in a million different ways. These days she is trying to crawl and learning to pull herself up to stand. She’s quite impressive…. She’s eating everything! I mean everything. Daniel and I can no longer eat in front of her without her crying because she wants to taste it too. She’s also really starting to develop her own personality. I must say though she may look just like Daniel, but everything else is just like ME. Scary I know! Her little attitude with wanting things RIGHT NOW, and her overwhelming feeling of wanting to do things that she cannot do yet (She’s going to be hard headed). It’s so funny how she gets frustrated at the fact that she can’t walk yet. Her newest thing lately is constantly yelling “DA,DA,DA,DA!”. This just makes Daniel so excited. I did have to bust his bubble though and remind him even though she only said it a few times one day, that she did say “Momma” first. LOL Ella is growing so fast, I weighed her today and she was a whopping 20lbs!!!! You have got to love fat babies with rolls and cellulite. I’m pretty sure though that is the only time in your life that having rolls and cellulite is so darn cute! Here’s her 7 month picture….


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here I go...

So… I have decided to create a place where I can go Journal. Sit down and write all the many things that run threw my head during the day, and also create a place where I can document our lives. I want a place where I can share pictures and thoughts about family….mostly of my little pumpkin Ella. I would love for Ella to be able to look back on this one day to see what her life was like when she was little. I seem to have trouble finding the time to scrapbook and journal, so maybe I can print these pages and save them. Also this will help keep family updated on our lives, sense our family lives anywhere from Wisconsin to North Carolina to Tennessee. This first picture was taken on my first Mother’s Day with my two favorite people. This is one of my favorites. More to come…