Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet Another Medical Bill...

Oh boy what a day. Daniel and I had the idea this morning we would take Ella out to my Mom's pool. What we thought would be a "free, fun, day" for our family. I had the idea to take Sash our Saint Bernard with us thinking it would be nice for her to play with my moms dog. Heading out too my mom's house this morning we put Sash in the back of the truck like we always do. When we got on Macedonia Creek road Daniel was going 50mph and Sash just decided to Jump out of the truck. All I heard was Daniel yell and I turned around to see Sash sling no joke 50 feet on the asphalt. One lady ran her car off into a ditch trying to miss running Sash over. It was awful.... Daniel jumped out of the truck and ran to find her. She was on the side of the road and obviously hurt. Bleeding very bad from her back end where she had slid across the asphalt. We took Ella to my Mom's and ran Sash to the Vet. This is gross I know but the dog had clots coming out of her and was bleeding really bad. They took x rays of her and to the doctors surprise she had No broken bones or Fractures. The only worry is that they could not see her bladder on the x ray so that either means it was empty or it had ruptured... So were having to watch her to make sure she pees or she must have surgery. ( Which I'm just going to be honest wont happen... Daniel and I do not have $2500 to spend on a Dog.)  So two hours later we left with tones of medication for her and a $245.00 payment. Is that not just nuts! So much for a "Free, Fun Day"!  If you don't like blood don't look at the picture below.... If you look at the blanket that will give you and idea of how bad the for dog was bleeding, and that wasn't even half of it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you can't find your toddler...

So I have been in total clean out mode this past week. I've been getting all of Ella's winter clothes and toys together ready for another consignment sale. I was up stairs this morning ironing Daniel's uniforms for work when I realized Ella had been really quiet down stairs for about 10 mins. (Never a good thing). SO I walked down stairs... didn't see Ella anywhere... SO I ran up stairs....Didn't see Ella anywhere.... By now I felt that little bit of panic build up in my chest, starting to think that worst that maybe some how she had gotten outside. As I ran back down the stairs I caught something move out of the corner of my eye. It was Ella! She was sitting inside her toy box playing with her toys. I broke out in total laughter, grabbed the camera and took a picture of her. Very Funny hear attack moment!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Constant Entertainment

I love my Ella. She provides me with constant Entertainment... My sister Sydney stayed with me last night. Ella Loves her, they were playing around and this is what Ella starting doing.... It made us smile so hopefully it will you too.