Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take a deep breath...

If you don't want to hear a little complaint than don't read this blog...but it’s just the mood I'm in.  Ella woke up this morning with goopy eyes, and was super crabby. If there is one thing I have learned in my short 17 months of being a Mommy it’s that when my Ella wakes up really crabby it’s time to call the doctor. So I did. Well my sweet baby girl has got PINK EYE in both eyes, and another ear infection! I mean where did she even get Pink Eye from??? I really could just cry...I feel like the child can't catch a break. On the bright side her burn is looking GREAT. Her face almost looks like nothing ever even happened. Her arm is getting there. It’s amazing how quickly children heal. Here’s some pictures of how her arm, and how fast its changed in just a week.

Day 1
                                                                         Day 2
Day 4
                                                                             Day 6

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  1. I'm feeling you on catching a break...Abbie defrosted our huge chest freezer--Jonathan discovered it last night...had to throw out tons of food---wasted...

    Ella's looking SO good in a few short days. HATE that she is sick AGAIN!! Can I drop dinner off or something??? ANything to help??