Monday, May 30, 2011

Next year I just think we'll go to Florida...

Daniel and I had the idea that this year we weren’t going to take a “Family Vacation”. Pretty much due to the fact that are little darling rang up quite a few hospital/ambulance rides at the begging of the year. So we decided we were just going to have a “Staycation” Daniel already had the time off work, so he kept it. The idea of the week was to go to my Mom’s pool and have lots of fun and relaxing! Well…. What do I always say…? We have to do things the “Weathers Way Baby!” The week started off rough to begin with. We took Ella out to my Mom’s pool Wednesday and Daniel and I got soooooo sun burnt we couldn’t stand to go back out there another day the whole week. We spent the next few days rubbing Aloe Vera on each other! LOL. We did get to see some family that we hadn’t got to in a long time, and that was REALLY nice. Ella got to play with her cousins that live in North Carolina.
       We topped off the end of the Staycation with a Mommy Daddy night Sunday night. My sweet Mom offered to keep Ella for us. We took full advantage and went and had a Awesome dinner. Sadly the fun came to an abrupt end Monday morning when my Mom called me. All I could here was Ella Screaming and my Mom was telling me that Daniel and I needed to get to her house now! Well as any parent we were in the car in less than seconds, and a normal 20 minute drive to my Moms took 6! Ella had pulled my Moms curling Iron off the counter onto herself while my Mom was standing right there. They were playing and Ella’s hand knocked the cord which pulled the iron onto her arm. Ugh! As you can imagine Daniel and I ran in the house swept Ella up and drove 100 miles an hour to Floyd Emergency room. Let me just say I have one tough little gal! She’s so amazing how strong she is…Sometimes I think she’s stronger than me! Well the doctors looked at Ella and said there was not much they could do for the face burn but that they would treat and wrap her arm. They gave her some meds for the pain and we are taking her to the Doctor again first thing in the morning. I’m thankful to the good Lord above that it wasn’t worse. Now the prayer just is that is doesn’t scar. Like always thought we had to go out with a bang! So our staycation is now ending, and I decided next year I think we’ll just go to Florida! Here are some pics of Ella's latest batter scars!

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