Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm a BIG girl now!

For someone reason ever sense I was Pregnant with Ella I have always DREADED potty training. I'm not sure why. Mostly because of all the horrid stories you hear, and Ella is already a stubborn child. What really got the wheels in motion for Ella was watching other children in her class at church go to the potty. Before that when I had tried to put her on the potty she would just scream, like I had placed her on some type of torture device!  Another thing that got Ella really "excited" about using the potty was knowing that if she did she was rewarded with M&Ms and a sticker!  Its been a very exciting last month for us, you never thought you would jump up and down and scream like you had just won a million dollars all because someone pooped in the potty. But Hey, its exciting stuff when your a parent. So finally after a month of going strong I feel like I can finally say that Ella is Potty Trained! Yay! No more diapers for us...EVER AGAIN!!!

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