Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where does time go?

Where does time go…Seriously? I’m getting old and I don’t like it. It seems like just the other day I went out on a blind date with Danny, that was over 6 years ago! WHAT! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. When I met Daniel he was 21 and I was 17….Haha still can’t believe my parents even let me date him. (I’m sure glad they did though.) I wasn’t even a senior in high school. I dare Ella to bring a 21 year old home when she is a junior in high school. I can tell you right now the answer to that will be “NO!”.

It’s so funny, all the years Daniel and I were together before we had Ella we were 100% sure that we would NEVER have kids. … Then along comes Ella. Now Daniel and I go out on date nights alone, and pretty much all we can talk about is ELLA, when we are all together all we can do is constantly stare at her and be entranced by every little thing that she does.

We were having a conversation last night laughing about what we were doing this time last year…., and how much our life together has changed in just a few short months.

This time last year Daniel worked nights, and I’m pretty sure that every night we were not in bed before 2 o’clock in the morning. Now a day as soon as 9:00 hits were sitting on the couch looking at each other just waiting on the other one to say first “ready for bed..?” LOL Last year we would do anything to stay out of the house, now if we get to spend all day at home and relax that is A GOOD DAY! It’s so funny when you have a baby how they completely change what you find important in life. Daniel and I basically maul each other to be the first one to get Ella out of her crib in the morning. (It’s our favorite time). Who can blame us look at this face, and the drool…..


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