Sunday, August 8, 2010

7 Months Already....

Today Ella is 7 months old. I truly cannot believe it has been 7 months sense we welcomed our little girl in to the world. She has truly blessed Daniel and me in a million different ways. These days she is trying to crawl and learning to pull herself up to stand. She’s quite impressive…. She’s eating everything! I mean everything. Daniel and I can no longer eat in front of her without her crying because she wants to taste it too. She’s also really starting to develop her own personality. I must say though she may look just like Daniel, but everything else is just like ME. Scary I know! Her little attitude with wanting things RIGHT NOW, and her overwhelming feeling of wanting to do things that she cannot do yet (She’s going to be hard headed). It’s so funny how she gets frustrated at the fact that she can’t walk yet. Her newest thing lately is constantly yelling “DA,DA,DA,DA!”. This just makes Daniel so excited. I did have to bust his bubble though and remind him even though she only said it a few times one day, that she did say “Momma” first. LOL Ella is growing so fast, I weighed her today and she was a whopping 20lbs!!!! You have got to love fat babies with rolls and cellulite. I’m pretty sure though that is the only time in your life that having rolls and cellulite is so darn cute! Here’s her 7 month picture….


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