Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy's Girl

These days Ella is keeping Daniel and Me very busy... She is one big ball on energy. She wants to walk so bad, she can hardly stand it. She gets very frustrated with herself that she can't just take off and run. I think that she thinks she's a 2 year old trapped in a 7 month olds body. She's also becoming a Daddy’s girl BIG TIME. She will hear Daniel down in our garage taking off his boots, and get all excited because she knows Daddy is home. She's in love with him, I told Daniel he needed to be prepared for the day that she’s going to want to know why he can't marry her like all little girls want to marry there Dad’s. I love to see them together. There is nothing that can make your hubby more attractive then to see him loving all over the baby you made together.

We took Ella to a hotel in Atlanta recently for a little one night get away. Thank goodness we didn’t go far. She absolutely hated sleeping in a pack in play in the hotel room. So after only 5 hours of being there we had to return home. She did really enjoy swimming in the pool though, that was the main reason that we went. Here are some pictures from our 5 hour vacation!

Family Picture



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