Sunday, March 4, 2012

6 Years... Ready for 60 more!

I love the picture above... I think it's my favorite picture from our entire wedding. We look so young and naive... Sometimes I think if someone that day had shown Daniel and I in a quick slide show what was to come in the next 6 years of our marriage, that we might have both screamed and ran in opposite directions!! LOL No in all reality Daniel and I have not had this perfect fairy tail Marriage. I believe that the thing Daniel and I have going for us is that we have ALWAYS learned from our mistakes. We have walked our fare amount of valleys, but we have always walked them holding each others hands. I could go on and on about what Daniel means to me, but I"ll spare you the mussy stuff!

..."This is my Lover, this is My Friend..."
Song of Solomon 5:16 NIV

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