Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strep Throat... I HATE you!


 So I’m sure all of you know my little baby has been sooooooo sick this last week. This nightmare all started out of the blue 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Ella and I had been to church that morning; she had played so hard, and been so good. At 3:00 Sunday afternoon she just randomly threw up. After she threw up, she acted completely fine. So I just thought no big deal babies throw up sometimes! So I took her to Ingles with me to get something for dinner. We made it to the back of the store and then it began….. The projectile vomiting started. God love who ever cleaned up my child’s puke from the floor and the cart. All I could do was run to the bathroom with her, as we were both COVERED in puke! Finally I got her to the car and we made our way home, as I pulled in the neighborhood she started to cry and I knew it was coming again… I squealed tires pulling in the driveway trying to get her out of the car. As soon as I laid her on my shoulder she started to puke again, and it wouldn’t STOP! I thought for sure Ella must have a stomach virus. She slept all night Sunday and never ran a fever. She woke up Monday morning acted like she didn’t feel a 100% but ate and drank and didn’t throw up at all that day. So I thought, thank you God, she was getting better. Well…. Haha NOT….. Tuesday morning Ella woke up and was very lethargic. She threw up as soon as I got her downstairs, and I knew right away we needed to get to a doctor, that this was no virus. We made it to the doctor 45 minutes later… she had already gotten worse. They swabbed her throat, and they said she had Strep and was very dehydrated. They wanted us to give her 5ml of pedialight every 5 minutes. We also had strict instructions that if she started to throw up again to take her straight to an ER. Well she did great all day… Until 3:00….. Here came the puke again and this time is was green and tick the child had nothing left. We threw her straight in the car and headed to Redmond hospital ER. They took us straight back when we got there! Ella was very sick and they knew it! Right away they started running test and took X rays. Let me just say now… I love the nurses at Redmond. They took 1 hour to find a vein in my baby girl she was so “dry” as they call it. But they only stuck her once. I was so happy that they were patient and kind enough not to dig around in my baby’s arms! Anyways after 6 hours of sitting in the ER letting Ella get fluids. The doctor came in to tell us they were going to transfer Ella by Ambulance to Floyd Medical because they had a pediatric ward where they could take better care of Ella and keep her over night. Around 11:30 the ambulance came to get her. I was so glad they let me lie on the stretcher and hold her on the ride over there. (I was so afraid they weren’t going to let me go with her) When we arrived at Floyd they wheeled us right to the Ped floor and straight to Ella’s room. They took such GREAT care of Ella! They poked and prodded at her, and she was soooo brave. Finally around 3:30 in the morning we all got some rest. My sweet husband let me have the chair and he laid a blanket on the tile for to sleep. It was a long night, but the next morning Ella had a little Smile so I knew we were headed in the right direction! As the day went on Wednesday the doctors were happy with how she had “perked up” and was holding food down. They gave us the option to spend another night or take her home! WE WANTED TO GO HOME!!!! I have had no greater relief when I saw the IV finally out of her arm and we walked out of that hospital!!!!! Today Ella is getting back to her old self. She is still very sleepy, but has got a little of her spunk back!

I want to say thank you again to all the people who called us, prayed for Ella, and came to see us at the hospital!  We love you all soooo much and are so happy to have you guys in our lives
Most of all I thank the good Lord for Laying his healing hands on Ella! I’m so happy to have my little girl back!!!!!!


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