Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pre K

We've almost finished our 3rd week of Preschool, and can I just say it has been AWESOME! I almost feel so dumb for being so worried about Ella, and giving myself so much anxiety about the whole thing. This was a big decision for Daniel and I and we did not take it lightly, if or where we wanted to send Ella to Preschool. I had called lots of schools, picked at all my friends brains from their experiences at different schools. I must say that I am 100% confident that we made the right decision on where we sent Ella, Sam Jones is Awesome! I could list 50 reasons why I love the school so much, but the most important one to me has been how much Ella's teachers have loved on her. I truly feel like even though she might be screaming and acting a fool, that she is wanted there. You can't buy that feeling, and it makes me totally confident in  leaving her in their care. Oh and did I mention that my Breakfast dates with Daniel have been very nice too, just to sit together for a minute and catch up on all the madness. I always look forward to going to pick Ella up though, and  the other day I caught her on video coming down the hall to leave. In the video that's her running down the hall (even though they are not suppose to run in the halls) screaming "Momma I missed you!" 

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