Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Daniel and I bought our first home in August of 2006, the housing market was normal. We were beyond excited as I'm sure most of you can understand. We had only been married 5 months, and naturally this was our next step. After two years of living in our home we were ready to move on to our next home where we thought we would raise our family. Like so many others though we found ourselves in the middle of a housing market NIGHTMARE! There was no way we could sell our home, and to make things worse we were now living in a neighborhood where I would say good 50% of the people in it did not like Daniel or I. Mostly because Daniel was a cop, and it didn't help that Daniel had arrested 3 different neighbors of ours! Yea.... So after sticking it out for 5 years, God introduced Daniel and I to the BEST realtor on the planet "Martha Crew". I could write pages on how Martha came in mine and Daniel's lives and how amazing she is, but I won't. All I have to say about her is that she is a total ROCK STAR!
Anyways 4 months ago Daniel called her, and told her our situation, and she simply said that she felt like she could help us. I've wrote all this to say that tomorrow at 4:00 we close on our home. We have to hand over the keys, and that will be it. We will no longer own the house at 10 Camelot Dr. I didn't realize how emotional this would be for me, but it was extremely hard tonight for Daniel Ella, and I to go over there for our last little moment, and memory we will get to have there. As much as we wanted to sell the house and move, that 1200 sq foot home held so many memories, and so many firsts.
So it is a Bitter Sweet goodbye..but Daniel said it best as be drove out of the driveway for the last time tonight that We are so ready for this next chapter of our lives...wherever that may be.

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