Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hand Foot and.... that's just werid!

There is one thing I've come to realize is that this is the year of sickness for the Weathers. We started off the year with strep..then stomach virus...Roseola, about twelve ear infections, and now Hand Foot and Mouth disease. First let me say they totally need to "Rename this disease". It's not a disease at all... its a virus. A virus that causes sores and blisters on the hands feet and mouth. So officially I'm renaming it Hand Foot and Mouth VIRUS! LOL.  It's been challenging too say the least. I have had to pray for patience more than anything this year. It's been very difficult. Were making it threw though.... as I always try to remind myself it could ALWAYS be worse. 

Were finally officially into fall. We took Ella to a local Pumpkin patch the other day to pick out pumpkins. The whole time all I could think about was how little she was this time last year. I always love to go back and compare pictures of her a year later.  Now were gearing up for a trip to see Daniel's brother and his wife and their two little girls. Can't Wait! We have been needing to get out of Georgia for awhile now!!!

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