Friday, August 19, 2011

I will never take my Washer and Dyer for granted again!!!!

No this is not got to be a whole post about my Washer and Dryer.... well maybe it will.
2 weeks ago my Washer and Dryer both decided on the same day that they wanted to DIE! After calling 100 numbers and talking to 50 people, we finally got someone out here to look at them. After two weeks of them ordering parts..back and forth they are finally fixed!!!! I know this boring most of you but let me just say, It is SO true that don't really appreciate something until its gone. 2 weeks of house hopping from family to family to wash clothes... and even at some moments just buying new underwear or resorting to hand washing some stuff in my sink. I can say that I will never take my Washer and Dryer for granted again! Ella didn't seem to mind though she got to run around in a diaper most of the time!!!  Speaking of Ella look at what a HAM she was being tonight below....

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